Nothing to see here…

My girlfriend and I skipped a planned outing last night because my eyes were acting up (I get the most ridiculously sensitive watery eyes when I’ve got a cold), so I don’t have anything major to report, I’m afraid.  We did have some good delivery from Pongal, the Michelin-starred Southern Indian restaurant on 1st Avenue and 64th Street – although I find their dosas a bit soggy when delivered, their spicing is impeccable.

Thankfully this wasn’t a stomach flu, so I ended up eating a hell of a lot of Boerum Hill Food Company last weekend – even at my most feverish, I had a craving for the perfectly flavorful/bland chicken in their tacos and enchiladas.  I also had a damn good plate of breakfast nachos there, as well as an excellent Irish lamb stew at Ceol.  I guess the spicy stuff doesn’t appeal as much when you’re unwell?

I had an EXCELLENT sandwich from Alidoro for lunch today that was worthy of note – the Fellini, which consists of sopressata, mozzarella, arugula and hot peppers.  I had it on a semolina baguette, and it was amazing.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Hopefully I’ll have another update or two before the end of the week – at any rate, look for normal post volume to resume next week.  Stay well!

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