Is there parking for the Rolls nearby?

My inbox is sometimes a source of unexpectedly and unintentionally delightful press releases.  I give you an excerpt of the latest, restaurant name removed (like hell I’m going to plug this place, even Gawker-style humorously):
The falling of leaves marks the annual transition from the lighter fare of summer to earthier, richer flavors that come with autumn. [REDACTED] has scored one of this season’s most coveted culinary accouterments—the white truffle.
Not for those of unaccustomed palates (or light pockets), [REDACTED] will be offering a special eight dish tasting menu, each including a shaving of this Italian delicacy, for $1000 per person, but make sure to bring someone along to keep you company— this menu is only offered with a two person minimum.  And should you become a bit parched, a wine pairing is available for an additional $500 per person. 

It literally made me choke-laugh.


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3 responses to “Is there parking for the Rolls nearby?

  1. I got the same email and couldn’t even read the whole thing. I was just…[mind blank]…

  2. Anonymous

    Which restaurant? Babbo? Lupa?

  3. Mario doesn’t have a publicist, or so Eater says.

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