Happy souvlaki time.

I took a group of folks to Spartan Souvlaki (6820 8th Avenue, Brooklyn) last night, and, as usual, fun was had by all.  Having promised them good gyros, I think those who ordered the monster sandwiches ($5.35) were more than pleased.   We also had several people try the spinach pie (with salad, $6.55), which was pronounced to be very good (I didn’t try them or the excellent-looking greens).  

Of our sides, the octopus ($6) was a little disappointing – though chargrilled, the meat was a little chewy and fishy.  The big star of the evening, though, were the French fries – our waitress having informed us about “Greek-style” spuds ($5.35 for a large), we were pleased when an enormous plate of fresh-cut frites arrived, sprinkled with oil and lemon and with craggy feta deposits throughout.  We demolished the single plate and might have made an effort on a second if we’d had but one or two more people.

The other great thing about Spartan Souvlaki – besides the overwrought décor and quite friendly service, that is?  Cheap wine ($20 for a large carafe).  Needless to say, we hardly noticed that the N train was running local by the time we ambled out.

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