Nothing much to report.

I apologize for the relative lack of updates this week – I have been saving my dining out dollars for my imminent trip to Berlin and have been eating at home(!) most dinners this week. Cheese, crackers, and summer sausage make a fine meal, especially when the cheese and crackers are Dubliner and Triscuits with a layer of hot sauce in between.

The favorite things I’ve eaten this week? At a regular potluck last night, I tasted zucchini flowers for the first time. Doused in an egg/white wine batter and pan-fried with garlic, they were unbearably delicious. Same goes for a freshly-made tomatillo salsa accompanied by home-made corn chips. I’m a lucky man to have such friends…

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  1. Had To Move

    very nice zucchini blossoms available at Good Fork in red hook if you ever check it out (which you should — the back deck is great and the dining room beautiful).

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