Spicy Saturday night.

Nothing really new to report today other than a Saturday night trip to Flushing for Spicy & Tasty with Sophmoricles and my roommate.  I have to say that the cold shredded chicken with spicy sauce appetizer remains god’s gift to those who like their food to promote endorphin release, and we ordered two plates of it this time (they were out of dan-dan noodles, unfortunately).  I’d go to S&T just for that – Grand Sichuan’s version will do in a pinch, but it’s not nearly as good.

The other stuff we ordered was great, too.  I’ve never had more perfectly-cooked eggplant in my life than the eggplant with garlic sauce; it was better, even, than on previous visits.  I also seem to always order the same hot shredded pork dish that I ordered on my first visit, but I think I’m due for a change, as the shredded chicken’s array of flavoring now seems to make it seem one-dimensional.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Interestingly, we ate in the restaurant’s upstairs room, where most of the tables have six or more seats (though it was emptying out by the time we got there, at about 9:30).  There are two private rooms as well – sounds like my kind of place to have a banquet.

Music of the day: The Move – Message From The Country.

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