Fung Wah vs. Lucky Star

I apologize in advance for the next few reviews’ New York-irrelevance, and, retrospectively, for my absence during the last week.  It was a much-needed time of slacking, sunning, and total irresponsibility.

My transit home last night begged a question, and props to the commenter who can answer it: is there a difference, qualitatively or quantitatively, between Fung Wah and Lucky Star (Chinatown bus Cos.)?  Upon my arrival at South Station yesterday evening, Fung Wah was lined up at least two-busfuls deep, while Lucky Star was basically walk-up, get-on.  Same price ($15).  Mysterious.  And, just so the uninitiated among you are aware, taking the C-town bus is like the airplane only slower and with a smoking/Chinese Buffet stop.  It’s just as uncomfortable, loud, and potentially injurious.


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3 responses to “Fung Wah vs. Lucky Star

  1. Will

    As a once-frequent user (abuser?) of the NYC-Boston Chinatown transit system, I used to worry about the same. Having ridden both, however, and given that each hits roughly the same level of skeeze, my personal explanation for the difference is that Fung Wah has a big billboard next to the Manhattan Bridge.It always seemed that most people who were on line for the Fung Wah had purchased tickets in advance, and might have chosen that company just for name (billboard) recognition.

  2. Ah, good point. Plus the Lucky Star bus deposited us on Chrystie in front of an enormous stinky pile of garbage, which is certainly not as high-profile a departure point.

  3. kwan

    I’ve made 2 trips to Boston in the span of a month. I’ve taken Fung Wah 3 of 4 times. On my return trip July 4th, I arrived at South Station and walked up to the empty space between the 2 counters. I looked ahead at the ‘Great Wall’ of people for Fung Wah, then proceeded to the folks at Lucky Star. I asked what time the next bus was and if it was full. They handed me a ticket and even escorted me to the bus. I had 2 seats to myself. Oh and the trip took 4 hours flat. It was the best travel on a holiday EVAR!As it turns out, I have a distant relative who is a driver for Lucky Star. From this point forth, I’ll take whichever is least crowded.

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