The Nascent brings Baked goods, coffee to my corner.

Normally I wouldn’t flip over a coffee shop, but this one’s too cool and conveniently-located (to me) not to give a shout out to: The Nascent, located at Bergen St. and Nevins St. in Boerum Hill, has recently begun operations.  Previously, the space was a doctor’s office, and they’ve done an amazing job of renovating it to an atmospheric and comfortable hang-out.  Wood-block-style prints and other nature-themed artwork adorn the walls, the countertop is adorned with hand-blown glass pyramids, and the floor sparkles with some kind of inlaid shiny grit.  Quite frankly, like the Brooklyn Circus clothing emporium across the street (where one can lately purchase “Vote for Huey [Newton]” t-shirts), it’s cooler than I would have ever expected a nearby joint to be.  As the owner admitted to me on one visit, the operation is a “labor of love,” and it really shows.

Fortunately, the quality atmosphere extends to quality baked goods and coffee, as well.  Like Baked but too lethargic to make the trek to their orange premises on Van Brunt?  The Nascent carries a healthy selection of their ungodly good treats, including a sugar-encrusted berry-infused scone that falls somewhere on the density scale between a crumbly cookie and a dense cake.  Brownies and cookies also are particularly nice, and the coffee has not yet been burnt on my visits.

I should also mention that The Nascent has wireless internet available, though I don’t know its cost.  So you could theoretically read this review from there – that’s surely a first for this blog.

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  1. Sugar encrusted scone…[drool]

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