Taco corrections with a side of pork rinds.

I made a pre-group-dinner re-visitation to De Guerreros Taqueria last night, and it was as good as ever.  However, I may have made a mistake with my earlier article with regards to the meats inside the tacos.  Alas, alack.  Believe you me, I paid for my mistake – with sweat.  It was hot as the blazes in that restaurant last night.

As usual, I over-ordered like a fool, asking for two of the gorditas with chicharron and two tacos al pastor.  You probably actually only need to get about half this much food, for what it’s worth, but I always think tacos are going to be tiny, and I thought that the gorditas would be too.   I was certainly wrong, though, and it’s a mistake I might not have made if I spoke any Spanish – the word gordita means “little fat one.”

At least at De Guerreros, the little fat ones are sort of like pita sandwiches, only smaller, thicker, and made of corn meal.  Chicharron, or fried pork rinds, comprised the primary innards (different kinds of cheese also available, for those who aren’t rind-friendly), with lettuce, salsa, avocado, crema, and really tasty crumbled cheese filling out the top.  Quite delicious, though the rinds are a little skanky for me to order regularly.

The al pastor tacos were where I made my mistake – as I ordered one each of the suadero and al pastor last time, and they arrived without indication, I assumed after doing some Google research that the more delicious of the two was al pastor.  How wrong I was, indeed.  My face fell as I saw what I had thought to be suadero tacos arrive at my table.

However, I was much enthused when the tacos that arrived happened to be MUCH BETTER than what I now know to have been al pastor last time around.  The little cuts of pork look like chopped doner kebap meat, only redder – they’re spiced to be flavorful but with a touch of heat, and they end up looking more intimidating than their taste.  The tiny chunks of some kind of citrus fruit sprinkled within really make the taco tick, though – I have no idea what they were, and I didn’t ask, but in concert with the meat, they were perfect.

At least I’ve got my order straight for next week.

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  1. Hoyt Pollard

    The citrus chunks were probably pineapple. That’s the way the do it in Mexico City. I’m a Tacos Nuevo Mexico loyalist, but you’ve convinced me to give Los Guerreros a try.

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