Midnight at the Oasis.

MCCARREN PARK (HIP) – Mike King delivered the difference-making RBI double in the 3rd inning as the previously winless Karl Malone and the Mailmen finally delivered.

Boasting a new, augmented lineup of over twenty people, as well as a signature cheer of “Barcelona” (for the Olympic gold medal of 1992, the only title the team’s namesake ever won), Malone’s men (and women) were elated to finally taste victory.

“It was a big win for us, Hot Rod,” said King, a first-time kickball player. “Actually, I have absolutely no idea how I did it. It might well have been my status as the only actual Jazz fan on the team, I’m not sure, but nobody was more surprised than me. The team really came together around good pitching and fielding.”

How to celebrate a victory of such magnitude? Well, for the rest of the team, it was time to go play another game out in the rain. Feeling flush with my accomplishments, and not possessing of a desire to catch cold, I declined the invitation to return as a ringer, and set out in search of something to put in my stomach besides beer from a Styrofoam cup.

Thankfully, I wasn’t far from Williamsburg’s Oasis, located on N. 7th Street just next to the L staircase. Oasis, which reached #37 on Sietsema’s 2005 list, boasts a simple menu of Middle Eastern specialties. Last night, at about 9:30, I opted for the schwarma sandwich. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips – I thought the meat (supposedly a mixture of turkey and lamb) was dry, almost disconcertingly lacking in fat, and kind of flavorless. That said, the excellent toppings (including pickles, red cabbage, and marinated onions) brought the quality up considerably, and the spicy sauce was most excellent, indeed.

I’d definitely go back to Oasis – though the meat I had wasn’t great, I’m sure that the shish kebab or taouk would be better, and the mini-pizzas in the front case looked especially intriguing.

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