Kashkar superstars.

Last week I went back to Café Kashkar, armed with a group of friends with serious B-train-induced starvation.  As is our wont, we ate until we could not eat any more.  I didn’t have time to write this up before gallivanting off to California for the weekend, but Robyn fortunately was there to document it – her review more or less jibes with the one I would have written (the VERY DISAPPOINTING lamb ribs, especially – totally different than last time), and I’m additionally impressed that she wasn’t terrified by my friends.  Man-Voltron, indeed.  Also, her pictures ROCK.  Especially the one of my roommate – that cat is crazy.

I will say that the dumplings, both manty and samsa, were excellent and I wouldn’t go back without ordering them again (it helped that Ludwig was able to converse with the proprietor and discern that they were “fresh”).  And the geiro lagman, which is among the best noodle dishes I’ve ever had, impressed the hell out of everyone.  Kudos to the chefs, who we watched stewing the dish’s veggies and meat together in a pot that can only be described as “enormous.”

Next up on the group dinner tip is Spicy & Tasty, in Flushing, perhaps.

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