Ye olde hipstere burgere stande.

A friend’s final performance with his band was the excuse to go out last night, but as I was munching on a hamburger, I was more consumed with thinking about how much time I spent in the Bermuda Triangle that is the Rivington/Ludlow/Stanton area in late 2003/early 2004.  It really used to be my go-to area for going out, like it is now for endless hordes of who look to me like college-age kids.  The eternal debate, of course: was I really that much of a turd, or was it just a lot cooler in the area back then?  Don’t answer that, actually.  (Instead, ponder the L.E.S’s future as the new U.E.S., and read about the burger.)

More often than not, back in those less healthy days, a drunken meal was the last stop in an evening, and one of the more popular spots for a nightcap grease bomb was Rush Hour – between Rivington and Stanton on Ludlow.  Rush Hour, rather perversely, acknowledges its primacy among drunken eaters on its menu, with the grammatically-challenged promises, “You drunk, we deliver!” and “We’re your 1 stop munchies cure!”  Needless to say, I haven’t been back for quite a while.  Would the burgers compare to my hazy, inebriated memories?

I’m happy to say that the English burger ($6) I had was satisfying, though it was not excellent.  Relatively traditional among the array of “Burgers of the World” listed on the menu, the English featured a honey Dijon mustard, cheddar cheese, and pickles.  All of Rush Hour’s burgers come mounted on a sweet bun, with optional lettuce and tomatoes.  Happily, the tomatoes last night were fresh – tomato snobs need not fear.

I’m not sure every burger on the list would be as good.  I can recall being disappointed with the Argentinean burger (featuring homemade Chimichurri) even while drunk, and I’m just not sure anyone needs to serve the Red Robin-ish “Paul’s Burger” with pineapple and Swiss – not even Paul.

I didn’t try the fries ($2).  Sacrilege, I know, but, for me, this burger was big enough for a late dinner all on its own.  One guy who came in after me, a dead ringer for Iggy Pop, didn’t agree – he ordered a burger, fries, and strawberry banana smoothie, and managed to spend $15 in the process.  $15 for a meal at a fast food stand?  Welcome to the Lower East Side…

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  1. I must’ve passed this place before, but…I totally don’t remember it! Ahh! Even if it’s just okay, I wanna try it now. AND THEY HAVE SANDWICHES, I LOVE SANDWICHES, yeah.

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