How romantic!

Have you ever considered the ramifications of the food you order on dates? I know many people consider kissability and perceived health factors when ordering, say, the side salad with a lemon wedge. Obviously I don’t give a hoot – my girlfriend is still recovering from me ordering the tuna and egg salad combo sandwich from Eisenberg’s on date three.

In this vein, No Parachute, a chowhound after my own heart (disease), demonstrates nerves of steel, ordering lardo pizza and carbonara on a first date.


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3 responses to “How romantic!

  1. Had To Move

    I really should have titled that post, “Girl Coats Face in Lard, Leans in for Goodnight Kiss…”

  2. Ted

    It wasn’t a “first” date.

  3. Anonymous

    My boyfriend took me out for pig’s knuckles this past Valentine’s Day.

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