Haters make me happy as a clam.

I’m fortunate enough to get linked to by Gawker occasionally – yesterday’s Blogorrhea being the most recent example (two cokeheads and a burger, coming right up!).  A Gawker link is a BIG DEAL to a small site such as this.  Obviously, I get a crapload more hits than usual (about 1,500 yesterday), and a lot of new people reading my reviews.  Unlike when, say, Yahoo! linked to me, most of Gawker’s readers are NYC-based, young, underemployed, and probably seriously embittered about all three.  These are generally the kind of readers I think would enjoy my blog the most anyway, so I’m really happy Jesse and/or Jessica keep featuring me.

You don’t get far on the internet, though, without the ever-popular backlash, and I’m proud to say that my backlash started yesterday, with my first comment-haters.  Actually, they were my first tip that Gawker had linked to me, because I usually figure that most of the people who read my blog on a regular basis actually LIKE it.  At any rate, it warmed my heart, so thanks for the memories.

I thought that couldn’t be beat, but, today, a quick stroll through my Site Meter’s “Referring URL” section (which tells me which website you, the reader, have arrived from) yielded the best-yet piece of hate-age, in article form.  If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, I’ll summarize: the burgers at Corner B are too lean to be any good, and, because of my high opinion of said burgers, I’m an idiot.

Folks, I’ve truly arrived – the long-form haters have spoken.  I could not possibly be any prouder right now.

(By the way, if you did read the entry and are confused – a good possibility, considering – Ron Popeil is an inventor of products sold on television.  No, I don’t know what the deal is, either.)


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4 responses to “Haters make me happy as a clam.

  1. I’m delighted by your blog. I loved the Smith Street synopsis and could not agree more.And any people who have to post hateful comments on Gawker are already clearly so desperate for some sort of approval they render themselves useless from the get go. I mean, really. If you don’t agree, then beat it. When did being hateful for no reason become some sort of cool mantle for people to don?Anyway, keep up the good work. Incidentally, I also found you through that Gawker mention.

  2. Thanks, I do appreciate the support, though I would note that the hateful comments didn’t appear on Gawker (but rather here and on the Ron Popeil Celebrity Hot Tub), and I’m more delighted than concerned by them. Remember: all publicity is good publicity in the 21st century…:)

  3. Ron Popeil threw me off.One of my other friends said she really liked Corner Bistro’s burger, and I’d trust both of your judgements. 😉 FOOD SHOULD BE ABOUT LOOVE! NO HATE.

  4. Anonymous

    That whole commentary is just odd. It’s not coherent–at least I couldn’t understand it. Maybe I just didn’t want to and it’s better that way.I like your reviews, have been reading them for some time–they’re well-written and to the point–you don’t drone on like some other food bloggers do. And I agree with Robyn..food should be about love, not hate.

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