I’ve entered a junk food coma – thanks, TWU!

Anyone else see SNL on Saturday? Or, like my girlfriend and I did, TIVO it and catch it later? Sweet jesus, what a good episode – and a good theme for today. I’m not drinking Mr. Pibb and eating red vines while telecommuting, but coffee, Pocky, and One Girl Cookies are close, right? I wanted to make t-shirts from my bad photoshop work, shown at left, but CafePress wouldn’t allow it, alas. Perhaps I’ll concentrate on “I survived the strike” shirts instead – or, if I’m smart, steal a livery van and start driving the B61 route.

Tomorrow’s a travel day (going to mom’s for x-mas). Updates will be sporadic until after Christmas (and possibly until after New Year’s), but I promise to review at least my favorite burrito place in SLC.

Have fun and be safe!

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One response to “I’ve entered a junk food coma – thanks, TWU!

  1. I don’t watch SNL (er…tv) but I love how that skit got into seemingly everrrry blog I read! Well. not every. But besides being in food blogs, it’s in music blogs, NYC-based blogs, boing boing, metafilter, and ALIENS ARE BEAMING IT INTO MY HEAD OH JESUS!I liked it. Ehe. Although I’ve never combined Red Vines and Mr. Pibb. I’ll just take the cupcakes.

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