Tebaya II: Potemochi’s Revenge

Went back to Tebaya for lunch today and had the fried chicken skewers and potato cake combo I spoke of in my last post.  I’m happy to report that the potemochi (pan-fried potato cake) were delicious.  Served with a drizzle of soy sauce and sweet BUTTER, a combination which had not previously occurred to me, the cakes were unlike any kind of hash brown.  They are clearly ground and bound together somehow, and have that structure that is somewhere between spongy and chewy, yet are smooth textured.  Hard to explain, but totally delicious.

The chicken skewers were somewhat disappointing, however – very heavy, though the chicken was plenty tender.  Three of these was a large portion, too – I could have probably done with one, in addition to another cake or two extra.  The haccho bean paste that came with the chicken complemented it well, though I ended up dipping several bites of chicken in the leftover soy/butter combination.

I’m guessing that the Chicken Katsu would be similarly disappointing and heavy, so I’m going to skip trying that.  So far, I think the best combination would involve either chicken wings or teriyaki and potemochi.  We shall see.


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2 responses to “Tebaya II: Potemochi’s Revenge

  1. Cool, where is this place?

  2. 19th St. between 6th and 7th Avs, nearer to 7th.

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