I just like saying the word "joint" as much as possible.

Another burger post today, because I love you all more than a healthy cholesterol level.  Burger Joint has opened in the former Pop’s Pierogi space on Bleecker between 6th Av. and MacDougal St.  While less exotic, this replacement is surely more logical; I liked Pop’s fine but hadn’t been there in a long time due to their very inconsistent namesake item (I’m guessing only about half of the cooks knew how long to boil their pierogies).

Anyway, Burger Joint (I’m unclear whether this Joint is related to Le Meriden’s Burger Joint) is poised for great success.  Yes, the tiny burger trend has finally hit a main Manhattan dining strip.  Along with tiny burgers come tiny prices: hamburgers are a buck, and cheeseburgers are a quarter more.  The burger meat is very flavorful, not overcooked or dry, and it appears fresh (or at least freshly cooked, unlike some other mini burgers I could mention).  The staff will ask you if you want onions, as well, and I’m glad I got them – these were sautéed, rather than the raw stuff which is sometimes too strong, and added much to the burger’s flavor.

Fries were only mediocre, I’m afraid (perhaps I’m now spoiled due to last night’s Maniacal Fries), but certainly aren’t bad, and probably would be better with the optional cheese drizzled on top.  To wash it all down, they have R.C. cola and Diet Rite.  Before the Diet Coke fans run away screaming bloody murder – if you’re going to do tiny burger kitsch, it’s nice to see something other than the usual colas hanging around to wash them down.  Like Kevin Costner in “A Perfect World,” I like me some R.C.

You’re telling me this place, should it elect to stay open late, won’t do great gangbusters with Mahmoun’s usual B&T/student mixed crowd?  Seriously, this is great drunken food: greasy, salty, hot, and flavorful, and it’s not too much of any of those four for a lunch or dinner excursion.

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