Don’t go to Pop Burger, like, ever.

I just had the worst burger(s) of my life at Pop Burger on 9th Ave. at 14th St.  Honestly, the proprietor should be shot.  Two tiny burgers for $5 in a double box (gimmick) that were obviously pre-cooked and reheated (awful), with very expensive fries ($3.25!) that seemed to have been possibly cooked twice, and not for your Belgian-frite-like pleasure (more awful).
Easily the most disappointing place on the Voice top 100 list thus far.
On the other hand, I enjoyed the burger and fries I had a week or two back at the Down South Cafe (Lewis Ave.) very much, but there are some qualifications to be made.  Namely, you must trek to the Utica A stop in the heart of Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn.  I know I’ve lost some readers already, but I have no qualms going to a neighborhood where I am obviously out of place, and dealing with the discomfort that entails, provided the food is unlike something I can get elsewhere.  And that’s the only problem, really: the burger is merely good, and while its extreme cheapness is attractive ($1.45 for a cheeseburger sided with steak fries), it is less than unique.
I can say that the owners, despite seeming a little perplexed at our presence, were very nice.   This is the kind of place where I’m thinking the regulars call out their orders as they sit down, no order pads or formality necessary.  Yet, as we sat down obviously ignorant of proper procedure, one denizen (employee?  patron?  unclear.) improvised an order pad and took our order, as well as got me the biggest styrofoam cup of lemonade (powdered) I’ve ever seen.  I’m convinced we sat at the owner’s table, too.
So I guess I probably won’t be trekking out there again.  I’d rather brave Nostrand Avenue (which seems, for lack of a better term, very sketchy to me) and get good roti than go to Stuy Heights.    

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  1. Anonymous

    Your High ….I just ate there 11/30/06 Burgers are freshly made to order and tasted great… was coldTry it again……

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